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KERALA STATE in India is widely called as GODS OWN COUNTRY. (Its been predicted as Gods own Country by a seer lived long back, forseen that a great spiritually enlightened person would take place in Kerala in 20th century and people would worship him as God. Also Nostradamus(an astrologer lived in the 16th century in France) who also made some prophecies about this enlightned person as he would take birth at a place where 3 seas meet together , and of course Kerala is been surronded by 3 occeans.Thus the name came as Gods own country.)
Kerala, the land of rivers and backwaters is a green strip of land, in the South West corner of Indian peninsula. Kerala is a state with full literacy, Higher Health care and lower mortality ratio. In Kerala you experience freshness and touch of mother earth every where. No wonder keralites call their State "God's Own Country".

The National Geographic magazine has named Kerala as one of the ten Paradises Found in the world!

The Kerala State Tourism Department has rightly named our state The God's Own Country. Kerala means the land of coconuts. And boy! we do have coconuts, arecanuts and also nuts like me in abundance!